Latest News​:   Check out our new Member Profile Page.  Our next meeting will be on July 11th at 7pm at Arroway in Mt. Kisco.

P.O. Box 57  Armonk, NY 10504

MAY 2017 ~ ANNUAL Spring Dust-Off

Honorary Members

Cathy Capasso

John Marone

Joe Scala 
​Dick Spota​

The Westchester Corvette Club

at the 4th Annual Spring Dust-Off

with Special Guest:  Governor Andrew Cuomo
May 18, 2014


Our meetings take place on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at ​Arroway Chevrolet located at ​175 N. Bedford Road, Mt. Kisco, NY.


​David Norgard 
Dennis Nucatola Albert Oliva

Manny Obalde
​Dennis Pennino​ 

John Petranchik

Vince Quartararo 

Ralph Raiano

​Phil Rizzuto

Daniel Romanello

​Steve Rosario

​Larry Sachs

Billy Schoenberg

Karl Schroers

Glenn Sorino
​​Joe Sparano 

Jack Spiezio

Deborah Stellio

Don Swallow 

Dennis Tedesco

Art Templeton

George Ulley 

Jim Vitetta

Brian Wahl

Bob Weiss 

William Wicoff

Mario Alberto

Geoff Bouno 

Vinny Camporeale

Eric Canova

Frank Carollo 

Nick Cavaluzzi

Nuky Costantini 

Joe Covais

Mike DeFlorio

​Rich Dolce

Janet Faulkner

Anthony Ferrara

Ronald Freyer

Stephen Furrelle

Robert Giglio

Richard Goldsmith

John Kay

Basil Kazepis

Vergil Lemos 

​Peter LoPresti

Anthony Maddalo

Charlie Meleski

Tony Merendino

Etienne "Mitch" Mitchell

​​​Rich Morgante
​Bill Mullane

Tim Murphy