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Dennis Pennino (chair)

Rich Dolce

Art Templeton

​Anthony DeGrandi (chair)

Eric Canova

Anthony Ferrara

Bob Giglio

Tony Merendino

Rich Morgante

Billy Schoenberg


Organizes Club group events, ​club participation in a car show or cruises to interesting places


Organizes & runs the Club's Spring & Fall Shows

our OFFICERS (2024-2025)

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P.O. Box 57  Armonk, NY 10504

Richard Sarcone, President

Peter LoPrestiVice President

Rich Morgante, Treasurer

Vincent CamporealeSecretary

Rich Morgante (chair)

Peter LoPresti

Rich Sarcone


Manages the finances of the Club including all donations and expenses


(a) The Club President may from time to time at his discretion appoint such committees as he/she may deem necessary to properly carry on the work of the Club.

(b) Standing Committees needed for long-term and on-going issues shall be considered to continue indefinitely until such Committee is no longer required.

(c) The Board shall have the power to authorize the payment of specific expenses of any committee.

(d) The Club President shall designate the Committee Chairperson.

(e) Term limits for Chairpersons do not apply; however, Chairpersons may resign their position, or be removed from their position for due cause(s), as determined by the Board.

(f) Each Committee shall consist of a minimum of three (3) Regular Club members, including the Chairperson.

(g) An authorized committee may request the formation of a sub-committee for complicated or detailed issues. Sub-committees need not be authorized by the Board.

(h) Committee decisions shall be presented to the membership and shall require a majority affirmative vote in order to be implemented.

(i) All committees should meet on a regular basis and are required to report progress updates at each monthly general business meeting.

Dennis Tedesco (chair)

Peter LoPresti

Charles Meleski

Albert Oliva


Manages the Club's website and social media communications

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Open (chair)

​​Dennis Pennino

Art Templeton


Updates and maintains the Club's By-Laws

OUR COMMITTEES  (* Indicates a Standing Committee)

** Latest News:  Our next monthly Club meeting will be on Tues. July 2nd at 6:00pm at Curry Chevrolet in Scarsdale, NY  **