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** Latest News:  Our next monthly Club meeting will be on Tues. August 6th at 6:00pm at Curry Chevrolet in Scarsdale, NY  **

P.O. Box 57  Armonk, NY 10504


The following commandments have been given down from on high to all Corvette Owners, from the omnipotent powers that be in Bowling Green, KY:

I. Thou shalt not loan a Corvette to anyone.
II. Thou shalt not bring a Corvette to an automatic car wash.
III. Thou shalt not fail to wave at a fellow owner.
IV. Thou shall not swear at Corvette - for it is very temperamental.
V. Thou shalt not cruise on unpaved roads.
VI. Thou shalt not pass a fellow Corvette owner in distress.
VII. Thou shalt not feed a Corvette with budget grade fuel.
VIII. Thou shalt not expose a Corvette to severe weather conditions.
IX. Thou shalt not forget to secure vehicle and activate alarm.
X.  Thou shall be an active Westchester Corvette Club member.

But, why stop at just ten?  Here's a ten more for good measure that should also be obeyed:

XI.  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s Corvette.
XII.  Thou shalt not worship any other car besides Corvette. For there is but one automotive God named Chevrolet.
XIII.  Thou shalt not adulterate your Corvette with ricer wings and flares.
XIV.  Thou shall honor all of the mothers and fathers in the history of the Corvette.
XV.  Thou shalt not give false testimony…at your speeding ticket hearing, or about your Corvette’s horsepower, or 1/4 mile times.
XVI.  Thou shalt not misuse the name "Corvette".
XVII.  Thou shall remember the day your Corvette came into your life and keep it holy.
XVIII.  Thou shalt not steal a glance at that shiny Corvette next to you at the car show and wonder if its wax job is better than yours.
XIX.  Thou shalt not make for yourself a shrine to your Corvette.

XX. Thou shalt not acknowledge a Porsche or Nissan 370Z as being a true sports car.